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When we sent invitation to whatsapp groups, then many people joined, but some left. So it was test of perseverance. They cannot wait for few days for tuition or see messages, then how long will they stick with us. So we have now stopped sending whatsapp invite, and those who are in are core members of IGuruCool. The benefits of being in whatsapp group are: 1. Monthly Share of Revenue once we cross 10000 students, irrespective of they take tuitions or not. 2. Bonus Twice a Year -On Holi and Diwali 3. Shares worth Rupees 10 Lakh when we file for IPO. We have finalized our core team see them at

Answer to 8-20 September Quiz

The valency of carbon is 4, though it may differ in different compounds like carbon monoxide.

Answer to 7 th September Quiz

The 5th Digit in value of Pi is 5.

Answer to 6 th September Quiz

Ascorbic Acid and Malic Acid.

Answer to 5th September 2019 Quiz

Q. How many atoms are there in 1 gm of carbon? A. Zero - There are no free atoms, there are only molecules. Winner: Nobody.

Yearly Contest 2019-2020 starting 5 September

Congratulations! to Rajesh Sharma of Chapra, Bihar on winning Rupees 1 Lakh. The new yearly contest starts on 5 September 2019. To participate in contest daily visit The prizes are: 1. Rupees 100 daily 2. Rupees 1000 weekly 3. Rupees 10000 monthly 4. Rupees 1 Lakh annualy One who gives correct answer daily would be eligible for annual prize.